News1Radio/podcast training in Pristina, Kosovo

Radio/podcast training in Pristina, Kosovo

Between the 24th and the 29th of January, our trainers Lotte van Gaalen and Saleem Salameh headed to Pristina in order to carry out the first radio/podcast training as part of our Youth Artivists for Change project in the Balkan. There, a group of participants which consisted mostly of people from the LGBT community, awaited them, eager to start learning. 

Some of them mentioned how open-minded their families were, but others made evident that the safe art space has been very important in making them feel at home. It soon became clear that they were all very outspoken about their passion for human rights and they were eager to tell stories that concerned mental health issues, homophobia and violence against women.

After the icebreaker games, some stories had already been shared and the participants had become acquainted with each other, immediately showing a lot of empathy for one another. Soon enough, important questions started being raised: “what can we expect from the generation of our parents who were raised with a different mentality?” and “Should LGBTQ+ people have to come out?” The workshop rapidly proved to become a safe space and it was evident that a very strong sense of community was beginning to take shape.

Afterwards, it was time for a bit of theory regarding storytelling. The trainers explained how through the techniques of storytelling one can engage the audience in such a way that their opinions are challenged and their minds open up.

It was with a lot of emotion that on the third and last day they finished their recordings and made the edits of their stories. Some of the stories will be released on our podcast platform art.1 radio, available here.

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