Queer & Pride Amsterdam (2023)

About: Queer Amsterdam is a collective of 8 organizations that formulate a new approach to a more inclusive and diverse Amsterdam Pride policy which results in Queer & Pride Amsterdam. Stichting art.1 is one of these 8 organizations. Queer Amsterdam is pleased to announce that it will partly take on the organization of Pride in 2023. From July 22nd until July 28th, the city will showcase queer- and transness in all its shapes and sizes, in all its colors and shades of diversity. The voices of the queer community will guide our way. Values such as social justice, anti-discrimination, and national and international solidarity will be the common thread running through the program.


Our role: We are part of the funding consortium behind the original project proposal, talks with the Municipality of Amsterdam municipality, the organization of the national & international conferences, and the film festival’s programming.

Partners: Stichting Homomonument, Fite Qlub, Black Pride, Queer is not a Manifesto, Transcreen, Roze Ambassade, Pride & Sports, Stichting art.1

More: https://queer-amsterdam.com/english

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