New Normal Artist Online (2021-2023)

About: The situation with the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way how everyone is living and doing their work. Artists are not immune to these new changes and are highly affected due to the fact that most of the presentations of their work and interactions with the audience are based on face-to-face encounters in the forms of exhibitions, shows, plays, performances, etc. This project responds to the needs of young dancers and performers in order to successfully continue their regular work by using digital tools and technologies; in order to help them to stay in touch with their existing audience, as well as attract more people by using online platforms and social media. Artists have a chance to learn how to adapt usual face-to-face activities to be developed and implemented online and discuss how they can use gained skills and competencies to improve the general quality of their work in the long-term period. The project is funded by Erasmus+ the EU’s program to support education, training, youth, and sport.

Our role: Describing the methodology, organizing multiplier events, and the dissemination of project results;

Partners: Youth Power Germany, Stichting art.1, Youth Power Sweden, Youth Power International, Association Carousel 8


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