Salam Cinema, Azerbaijan (2017-2020)

About: Salaam Cinema is a community-based cinema and art temple for audio-visual and performing arts, community events, and gatherings. It was founded in 2018 as a creative platform for movies, audiovisual, and performing arts in an old Molokan prayer house building. The Salaam Cinema community has done impressive renovation and cleaning work in order to create spaces for film screenings, exhibitions, talks, and workshops. It supports local filmmaking and gives the audience a chance to rediscover movies that have written Azerbaijani film history. In 2019 In-Visible Film Festival was organized with the help of Stichting art,1, the first queer & feminist film festival in Azerbaijan.


Our role: In 2017, Stichting art.1 was commissioned by the Dutch embassy in Azerbaijan to conduct a film project on the LGBTi communities of the Azerbaijani capital, Baku. The film premiered in May 2018 and screened at several international film festivals.. Following this collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in Baku, Stichting art.1 held workshops in artivism and filmmaking in collaboration with local artists and activists which led to organizing the Invisible Film Festival in 2019 with Salaam Cinema which was held in a historic Molokan prayer house in the heart of Baku. With the help of the community, Salaam Cinema refurbished the building and transformed it into a cultural landmark. 


Partners: Salaam Cinema, Stichting art.1, Dutch Embassy to Baku


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Artivism: Activism through the Arts