Youth Dialogue for Change (2020-2021)

About: Youth Dialogue for Change is a training program in which young individuals are matched with decision-makers and local politicians and discuss with them important issues related to gender, diversity, and employment. Youth Dialogue for Change took place in 2020-2021 and connected over 60 youth participants from Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, and The Netherlands and stakeholders in 3 different multi-day conferences; in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 2020, Novi Sad (Serbia) and Skopje (North Macedonia) in 2021. The final event in Skopje closed with an inspiring conference at the Ministry of Culture and a reception at the residence of Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands Robert Dekker in attendance of young LGBTi activists, artists, and filmmakers.

Our role: Initiating the project, consulting project partners about activities, compiling the final program, and co-organizing the conferences with stakeholders and local politicians.

Partners: Stichting art.1, Open Mind Spectrum (Albania), Helsinki Committee for Human Rights North Macedonia; ERA (Serbia), Centre for Equality & Liberty (Kosovo) ; Stichting Storytelling Centre (The Netherlands), Stichting Pink Terrorists (The Netherlands), IHRFFA (Albania), Useful to Albanian Women (Albania), Open Doors (Albania), Beyond Barriers (Albania), YIHR-KS (Kosovo), PriFest (Kosovo), Subversive Front (North-Macedonia), Skopje Film Festival (North-Macedonia), Group Come Out (Serbia) and  Da se Zna (Serbia)


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