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Stichting art.1’s core methodology is artivism, a conscious combination of art and activism used to engage audiences by highlighting the intersections of race, gender, sexuality and shared stories of resistance through the arts.
We use podcast, filmmaking and storytelling as tools with which to infiltrate mainstream narratives of oppression and discrimination with stories of inclusion and diversity, paving the road to inclusive democracies through the voices of marginalized minorities. We believe in culture as the ultimate driver for social change– the only tool capable of building empathy through the lived and shared experience of its protagonists and creators.  From workshops for the civil society and private sectors, to peaceful advocacy toolkits and learning paths for activists, youth and youth workers, artivism is the guiding principal of all our projects.
The effect of art in inducing social transformation is relatively palpable: if not deliberately offensive, art can also be liberating and fun – motivating a greater variety of community members who are otherwise perceived apathetic and voiceless by the power representatives to actively shape inclusive democracies around the globe.
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Artivism: Activism through the Arts