Rhizobia Film Series (2021-ongoing)

About: Rhizobia is a recurring forward-thinking film series in which we explore various, prescient environmental issues and global perspectives on climate change through the specter of film. The vast majority of environmental news stories are negative in nature, mostly given the conventional wisdom that increasing people’s concern or even fear of climate change are effective triggers for panic-stricken action. This series seeks to contest this notion by creating a space in which alarm overlaps with hope, knowledge, and contemplative observation. The first edition of Rhizobia Film Series took place in November 2021 and the upcoming one is scheduled for Fall 2023. 


Our role: The concept for Rhizobia Film Series came from Stichting art.1 and was developed in close collaboration with partner LAB111. Stichting art.1 was responsible for the curation of the film series, panel talks, and networking after the screenings. 


Partners: LAB111, Stichting art.1  and Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel West


More: https://www.lab111.nl/rhizobia/

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