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At Het HEM you will find books, films, podcasts and magazines, carefully selected by our Guests and the curator team. These serve as inspiration and background information for our Chapters and exhibitions. During Chapter 3HREE AND A 1/2, where we do not work with a Guest, but offer space to a variety of parties, we have chosen to ask Chris Belloni to curate films for our Couch.

Chris Belloni is the founder of Stichting art.1 an independent, not-for-profit cultural organization, which hosts the International Queer & Migrant Film Festival (IQMF) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

IQMF celebrates diverse and inclusive cinema with a special focus on queer and migrant themes. The annual event includes art exhibitions, workshops, talks, as well as an international talent programme that provides training for filmmakers (IQMF Academy).


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