EventsUpcoming: Perform2Reform multiplier event in Slovenia

Upcoming: Perform2Reform multiplier event in Slovenia

A multiplier event promoted by Legebitra as part of the Perform to Reform project will take place on June 21st, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  It will consist of a training on how to use their recently developed toolkit for youth centers, schools and NGOs. “Mavrica v žepu” (‘The rainbow in the pocket’) is the name of the manual which represents the organization’s intellectual output of the project which is intended for youth workers, trainers and teachers. The purpose of the manual is to support youth and education workers in the promotion of an inclusive and respectful society, by addressing the complex and sensitive topic of peer violence based on sexual orientation, gender identity and/or sexual expression. During the multiplier event, the participants will have access to multiple workshops addressing different aspects of LGBTQ-topics.

Furthermore, the 19th Ljubljana Pride parade will take place on the 22nd of June, followed by a political program which will consist of speeches, concerts and performances. Since we will be visiting, Stichting art. 1 will also make sure to be present for the event!

“Perform to Reform” (P2R) project is an initiative by Stichting art.1 which aims to develop tools based on performative arts and soft skill methodologies in order to address sexual diversity topics and to create powerful and adaptable techniques for youth workers and educators.

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