Youth Artivists for Change Balkan

About: Youth Artivist for Change is a project on the cultural participation of young, emerging artists and activists on human rights, LGBTi rights and gender equality in the Western Balkan region. In this project we work towards the creation of social change through artivism and public interventions. The project started in 2018 and finished in 2021 and was funded by the Creative Twinning scheme from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands.

Partners: Stichting art.1, Open Mind Spectrum (Albania), Helsinki Committee for Human Rights North Macedonia; ERA (Serbia), Centre for Equality & Liberty (Kosovo) ;Stichting Storytelling Centre (The Netherlands), Stichting Pink Terrorists (The Netherlands), IHRFFA (Albania), Useful to Albanian Women (Albania), Open Doors (Albania), Beyond Barriers (Albania), YIHR-KS (Kosovo), PriFest (Kosovo), Subversive Front (North-Macedonia), Skopje Film Festival (North-Macedonia), Group Come Out (Serbia) and  Da se Zna (Serbia)

Role of Stichting art.1: 


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Artivism: Activism through the Arts

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