Film-scouting: Berlinale 2018

For over 30 years -long before Cannes and Venice decided to finally create their own queer-centric awards- the Berlin film festival has consistently recognised the very best LGBTQ+ genre, awarding a ‘Teddy’ to films that shine a light on diversity. Berlinale has been a launching site for some of the world’s most iconic LGBTQ+ cinema. Its 2018 version was, of course, no exception.

Stichting art.1’s director, Chris Belloni, attended the festival and met with up and coming film makers, industry insiders and festival representatives from around the globe in the search for films that will undoubtedly set the tone for international LGBTQ+ representation, and be centrefold in the community’s advocacy and visibility.

Berlinale 2018 played host to a whole new spectrum of international queer cinema that promises to dive deep into the sexual politics of both mind and body across a range of cultures.


Here’s a short but sweet list of Berlinale’s nine most memorable LGBTQ+ titles to watch out for:

“The Happy Prince”/ “Escape from Rented Island: The Lost Paradise Of Jack Smith”/ “Tranny Fag (Bixa Travesty)”/ “Hard Paint (Tinta Bruta)”/ “Marilyn”/ “Game Girls”/ “Shakedown”/ “The Silk And The Flame”/ “Dressed For Pleasure (Je fais où tu me dis)”