Stichting art.1 is an Amsterdam based foundation working in international cooperation projects on human development, democratic participation and human rights through the arts.


We work in the intersection between social and cultural work, using art as a driver for change. The organisation was established in 2011 and it uses the first article of the Dutch constitution as its founding document, which states that no one shall be discriminated on grounds of religion, race, political or sexual preference – the organisation’s name refers to ‘article’ as well as to the arts, designing and implementing large, medium and small scale projects using art as a form of expression, communication and social transformation.


We produce film, podcasts, and storytelling in connection to human rights and LGBTi rights and develop capacity-building instances and training in the arts for the personal development of young activists and artists. Over the years Stichting art.1 produced  multiple award-winning documentaries and short films and it worked toward a more inclusive and diverse landscape for filmmakers. Through various projects, such as the renowned International Queer & Migrant Film Festival and Supernova Cinema, Stichting art.1 builds its name as innovative and constantly challenging the status quo. 


Throughout the years, Stichting art.1 worked with talented filmmakers, storytellers, change makers, civil society organizations, and young individuals on the visualization of human rights and LGBTi rights through multiple art projects in different parts of the world. We offer a platform for all those untold stories to be told through film, podcasts, and storytelling. The foundation functions as an international bureau for human development, democratic participation, and human rights projects with partners all across the globe. 

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Artivism: Activism through the Arts