Film-scouting: Berlinale 2018

For over 30 years -long before Cannes and Venice decided to finally create their own queer-centric awards- the Berlin film festival has consistently recognised the very best LGBTQ+ genre, awarding a ‘Teddy’ to films that shine a light on diversity. Berlinale has been a launching site for some of the world’s most iconic LGBTQ+ cinema. Its 2018 version was, of course, no exception.

Stichting art.1’s director, Chris Belloni, attended the festival and met with up and coming film makers, industry insiders and festival representatives from around the globe in the search for films that will undoubtedly set the tone for international LGBTQ+ representation, and be centrefold in the community’s advocacy and visibility.

Berlinale 2018 played host to a whole new spectrum of international queer cinema that promises to dive deep into the sexual politics of both mind and body across a range of cultures.


Here’s a short but sweet list of Berlinale’s nine most memorable LGBTQ+ titles to watch out for:

“The Happy Prince”/ “Escape from Rented Island: The Lost Paradise Of Jack Smith”/ “Tranny Fag (Bixa Travesty)”/ “Hard Paint (Tinta Bruta)”/ “Marilyn”/ “Game Girls”/ “Shakedown”/ “The Silk And The Flame”/ “Dressed For Pleasure (Je fais où tu me dis)”

Queer Faces Migrant Voices: Berlin Edition

Between April 11th 2018 and April 15th 2018, the 'Queer Faces Migrant Voices: Berlin Edition' took place in the German capital.

16 queer migrants were selected to join the project, eight in the Netherlands and eight in Germany.

During five days, participants from both countries undertook intensive training in storytelling and radio broadcasting techniques, allowing them to share their stories as migrants and queer individuals, further nourishing the collective mosaic of the Queer & Migrant narrative.

After extensive recording, editing and fine tuning at the Multicult FM studios in Kreuzberg, fragments from the resulting stories were presented by each participant at a public screening in the Xenon Kino cinema, followed by the German premier of internationally acclaimed LGBTQ+ documentary ‘Mr. Gay Syria’. The full stories will be further disseminated through podcasts, radio programs, online platforms and presentations in both countries.

Queer Faces migrant Voices: Berlin Edition was executed conjointly with KIJUFI and funder by the Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie (NL) Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung (DE) Fonds voor Sociale initiatieven Stichting Steunfonds bja.cow (NL).

Workshop radio maken voor jonge queer migrants in Berlijn

From 11th-15th of April,2018  Stichting art.1 and Stichting Pink Terrorist organised a training workshop in Berlin  for young queer migrants from The Netherlands and Germany, whom recently left their homeland in search for acceptance and love. During the course of this training the participants were trained in storytelling and radio broadcasting. With this project we aim to draw attention to the LGBTIQ+ migrants and their life stories. This training will end with a live presentation of the resulting stories at Kino Xenon  in Berlin.

For further details and behind the scenes on this edition of Queer Faces Migrant Voices, read Marcel Hayman's article.

Queer Faces Migrant Voices op Movies That Matter Festival!

Op 25 maart 2018 presenteert Stichting art.1, voorafgaand aan de film Mr. Gay Syria, de audioverhalen van drie deelnemers van het project Queer Faces Migrant Voices. Een voorprogramma in het donker, waar je je ogen kunt sluiten en alleen hoeft te luisteren.

Het programma wordt gemodereerd door de directeur van Stichting art.1, Chris Belloni. Klik hier  voor meer informatie.


On March 25, 2018 as part of Movies That Matter Festival in The Hague, Stichting art.1 will have a live presentation with the participants of Queer Faces Migrant Voices. A programme in the dark, where you can close your eyes and just listen. Three courageous LGBTIQ people who fled their homelands and left their family in search for freedom, acceptance and love will present their stories in a mix of live storytelling and recorded audio.

The Queer Faces Migrant Voices presentation will be an introduction for the main event the film screening of Mr.Gay Syria. This program will be moderated by our director Chris Belloni. For more information click here

True or False - Training human rights workers in Georgië

Van 4 t/m 11 maart 2018 organiseerde en volgde Stichting art.1 met deelnemers uit acht andere landen (Armenië, Bulgarije, Griekenland, Georgie, Italië, Litouwen, Roemenië en Oekraïne de intensieve training True or False in Misaktsiele, Georgië. Deze training was er op gericht om jonge (jeugd)werkers de educatieve vaardigheden aan te leren om met verschillende doelgroepen te praten over seksuele diversiteit en educatie. Van mensenrechten tot genderoriëntatie, van het doorbreken van het taboe op SOA's tot het leren aangeven van grenzen. Uit ieder land organiseerde een deelnemende organisatie een workshop. We hebben een prachtige en inspirerende week gehad!

De True or False training was een initiatief van Stichting art.1 omdat we geloven dat seksuele educatie (jonge) mensen helpt in het maken van individuele keuzes met betrekking tot hun seksualiteit. De training werd gefinancierd vanuit de regeling Erasmus+ van de Europese commissie.

Between March 4 -11, 2018 Stichting art.1 joined participants from another eight countries (Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Italy, Lithuania, Rumania, and Ukraine) in Misaktsieli- Georgia for an intensive training project aimed at empowering your workers with innovative and non-formal educational methods with which to address their respective target audiences in regards to sex education. From consent and human rights, to gender identification and STI-STD familiarisation, the True or False Training allowed all participants to gain from their mutual experiences well as from their newly acquired knowledge. Equipping participants with skills such as these is fundamental in allowing them to be able to work in challenging cultural environment (target groups with specific religious, social, cultural and traditional background). Stichting art.1 initiated this training course because we believe sex education will help people making individual choices regarding their sexual life. True or False was financed through the Erasmus+ funding scheme of the European Commission.


Wij hebben een nieuwe medewerker! Welkom bij art.1, Galo!


We welcome Galo as new co-worker at art.1  Galo is interested in how images construct narratives, and how these narratives shape realities. Galo is currently a Heritage and Memory MA student at the University of Amsterdam and plan on doing his thesis on the importance of film and the moving image in the counter-narratives that shape collective memory.

Galo will be joining the art.1 team and work as social media manager and he'll be taking part in the projects True or False and Alexander Project. Also, he will be programming for IQMF 2018.

Galo, welcome aboard! 

Wij gaan naar het eerste queer filmfestival van Noord Afrika!

Van 14-17 januari 2018 vindt het Mawjoudin Queer Festival plaats, het eerste queer filmfestival in Noord-Afrika. We zijn ontzettend trots op organisator  Karam Aouini die dit festival organiseert. Karam is een van de deelnemers van het IQMF Academy 2017 programma. Karam heeft IQMF gevraagd bij dit festival aanwezig te zijn en een programmering te cureren met queer films uit de MENA regio (Middle-East en North Africa).  Onze directeur Chris Belloni is namens Stichting art.1 aanwezig bij het festival. Botte Jellema (Nooit meer Slapen,VPRO) maakte een radioreportage over Mawjoudin en IQMF. De reportage is hier te beluisteren. 

IQMF x Afrovibes

Cineblend programmeert in samenwerking met International Queer & Migrant Film Festival tijdens het Afrovibes festival in de Tolhuistuin een film rondom het them queer in Africa. Dit is The Pearl of Africa van Jonny von Walström, de prijswinnaar van IQMF Best Film Award 2016.

Datum: 30 september, 17.00 @ Tolhuistuin

IQMF Academy 2018 - open call

De inschrijving voor IQMF Academy 2017 staat online! Ben jij een jonge filmmaker en geïnteresseerd in de thema's migratie, minderheidsgroepen en seksuele diversiteit? Doe dan mee aan dit driedaagse workshop-programma tijdens het International Queer & Migrant Film Festival, van 5 t/m 7 december 2018. Je kunt je inschrijven via het inschrijfformulier.

Open call for IQMF Academy 2018! Are you a young film maker and interested in topics like migration, minority groups and sexual diversity? Then IQMF Academy is totally something for you! Don't wait any longer and tell us more about yourself via the submission form

Queer Faces Migrant Voices is begonnen!

Eind augustus 2017 vonden de eerste workshops plaats van Queer Faces, Migrant Voices, een nieuw project van Stichting art.1. in samenwerking met het One World Festival Berlin & KIJUFI.

In dit project krijgen zestien deelnemers in Nederland en Duitsland workshops in storytelling en radio maken en werken ze aan een audioverhaal over hun vlucht naar Europa. Hun verhalen zijn in december te beluisteren op IQMF.

De workshops worden gegeven door radiomakers Lotte van Gaalen en Prosper de Roos.