Board Members


A regular board meeting is hosted with a minimum of 3 times a year in which project activities and financial management is being monitored. Director provides information to board in monthly updates. When entering into new collaborations and activities, the director is in regular contact with several board members. Board members frequently attend the weekly online project update meetings of the Stichting art.1 team in which projects are being discussed and monitored. The board is unpaid and is only reimbursed for a few expenses incurred.

The board members of the Art 1 Foundation are the following:

Chairman Judith Levigne
is a partner at QuatreC, a company that guides the legal side of tender procedures for government institutions. She provides her extensive legal knowledge, advises on government subsidies and public tenders and draws up contracts for the Art.1 Foundation. 


Secretary  Marije Jansen has a background in fundraising at Ninos de Guatemala, is now studying nursing and has a large network in the public and private sector through her work in sales and relationship management.

Treasurer Rick Busscher is the financial director of theater company Rotor, producer and program developer at network organization DutchCulture and freelance producer. In his work he mainly focuses on projects with inclusion and social connection as their theme.


Board member Shayne McCreadie is an experienced marketeer, program maker, (organizational) coach and founder of De Cultuurshifters. De Cultuurshifters provides training, workshops and business coaching in the field of personal development, inclusivity and diversity issues.




Board member Sudeep Dasgupta is a professor at the University of Amsterdam, specialized in Critical Theory and Visual Culture, Aesthetics and Politics, Media Studies, Philosophy, Postcolonial, Feminist and Queer Studies, Globalization. Sudeep embodies the vision of the Art.1 Foundation and is an advocate for our goals to the outside world.