Art. 1 in Cuba

Jorge Luis Baños/IPS.
Photo: Jorge Luis Baños/IPS.

Art. 1 was invited to join the programming of the queer film festival  “De la Rambla al Malecón – Festival por la Diversidad” in Cuba, which ended up being canceled by the government. However, it was still possible to organize a screening of our film “Up Close & Personal: LGBT Police”, facilitated by the Dutch Embassy, CENESEX and UNDP.

Unfortunately, Havana’s Conga Against Homophobia march, the equivalent to the pride parade, was also called subversive by the government and subsequently canceled.  Despite that, LGBT+ activists still managed to hold a counter-parade and Chris Belloni, the founder of art. 1, got to be present at the event.

Art. 1 is currently exploring possibilities for setting up a two-year project similar to Youth Artivists for Change in Cuba, as a way to provide trainings and create safe spaces for youth to engage with Human Rights, Gender Equality and LGBT+ Rights through art.