EventsIn-Visible Film Festival in Azerbeidzjan

In-Visible Film Festival in Azerbeidzjan

The In-Visible Film Festival was a queer festival which took place between the 23rd and the 26th of May, in Baku, Azerbaijan. It was promoted by Salaam Cinema Baku and Stichting art. 1, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands, IQMF, YPEER, EQUALS, Gender & Development Office, ADO, NEFES, Minority Azerbaijan, Baku IdeaLab, Dreamers Lab and Mil.

The four days of the festival were filled with film screenings, live performances, educational talks, exhibitions and parties, which put queer topics under the spotlight in order to celebrate inclusion and diversity.
The festival took place in Salaam Cinema, a community-driven safe art space which is located in a beautiful historic Malokan prayer house built in 1913. Besides the focus in promoting creative movies, audio-visual and performing arts, Salaam Cinema offers a wide program of exhibitions and workshops. Their mission is also to support local filmmaking and film history and make sure that the audience has the chance to discover new Azerbaijani films and rediscover movies which have written the Azerbaijani film history. The creation of this safe art space is part of the project Youth Artivists for Change in Azerbaijan.

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